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    Muuto Project


    BRUS, a To Øl venue in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen, is a unique brewpub that offers fresh beer straight from its brewery and contains a bar, a bottleshop, and a restaurant, all within an impressive 750m2 space. Established in 2015 and housed in a renovated iron foundry, BRUS is a lively spot for beer lovers and city explorers.

    To Øl, founded in 2010 by Tore Gynther and a partner, has grown significantly under Tore's leadership, expanding internationally, and enhancing beer drinking experiences, with Christian Astorp leading marketing and BRUS as well as product development. 

    "Our aim was to blend Scandinavian aesthetics with an international flair. We sought durable furnishings that would elegantly serve both our dining and evening guests. The goal was to strike a balance where the design complements rather than overshadows our products. The building's history as a former railroad and car mechanic workshop influenced our choice. Its industrial past and size allowed us to choose bold, sculptural designs that harmonize with the space's architectural character." — Christian Astorp CMO at To Øl

    "For the outdoor area, practicality was key. We needed furniture that could withstand the Danish weather year-round, minimize maintenance, and handle heavy use. Choosing the Linear Steel Series over wood meant less maintenance while adding a certain warmth and depth to the ambiance. Our focus was on ensuring durability and enhancing customer experience, rather than spending excessive time on upkeep. 

    Our color palette of Grey, Dark Green, and Oak was inspired by a desire to harmonize with the building's architecture and pay homage to Copenhagen's heritage. The grey tones of the Linear Steel Side Chairs and Café Tables complement the building's light grey facade, creating a visually pleasing contrast, while the green Linear Steel Benches and Tables are a nod to the traditional Copenhagen Green seen on public benches for centuries. These choices aim to create a lively yet harmonious atmosphere, especially in areas of the building that receive less sunlight." — Christian Astorp CMO at To Øl

    "Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the ambiance of our space, which is why we chose a diverse range of lamps from Muuto. Each type of lighting - the Ease Portable Lamp, Rime Pendant, Linear Pendant, and Top Pendant - serves a unique purpose. For instance, the Top Pendant offers a general, comfortable lighting ideal for casual afternoon visits. The Linear Pendant highlights the kitchen bar area, creating a focal point. Meanwhile, table lamps like the Ease Portable Lamp are all about creating intimate spaces, encouraging guests to stay longer. Our lighting choices are carefully selected to enhance the customer experience, catering to different times of the day and types of visits."  — Christian Astorp CMO at To Øl

    "Our goal is to create an informal yet quality-centric environment. This is reflected in our choice of furniture and decor, which ranges from custom carpentry to Muuto designs. These elements are chosen to emphasize approachability, ease, and functionality without compromising on quality. We want our customers to perceive the same quality in our furniture as they do in our beers. It's about offering an experience that is accessible yet thoughtfully crafted." — Christian Astorp CMO at To Øl

    "Working with Muuto has been a rewarding experience. Their understanding of our needs and the development of a partnership based on shared values has been invaluable. Our collaboration reflects a mutual commitment to quality, customer interaction, and business approach, which has greatly contributed to the unique experience we offer our guests." — Christian Astorp CMO at To Øl

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