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    Flynn McGarry - restaurant Gem
    Muuto Project


    New York chef and owner of restaurant Gem, Flynn McGarry, adds layers of comfort to open spaces with objects, textiles and lighting. Preparing for the warmer season ahead, he chose the elegant yet durable Linear Steel Armchair and Café Table for Gem’s intimate terrace, making its refined lines his own.

    What are the ingredients that make up a good night at Gem?

    — Thoughtful food, a good playlist and attention to detail.

    How do you strike a balance between the intimate and social in a space?

    — I try to add layers of comfort to open spaces with objects, textiles and lighting.

    Flynn McGarry - restaurant Gem
    Flynn McGarry - restaurant Gem

    What made you go with the Linear Steel series? How does it reflect your vision for space and how it is used?

    — I liked how bright they were – I find most outdoor furniture is very boring and drab, and I felt that the Linear Steel series would add so much sun to our terrace.

    How do you extend the warm, meticulously crafted atmosphere of Gem to the exterior of the restaurant? How do the two support each other?

    — When it's warm out, we want the fun of Gem inside to spill into the street. We added a nice awning and plants around our tables and chairs to bring a bit of the interior charm to the outdoor ambience.

    Flynn McGarry - restaurant Gem

    You recently opened Gem Wine, a neighborhood wine bar and natural extension of Gem. What were some of the thoughts and considerations you had in mind when creating the new space?

    — One of the biggest things I think about is how to make a space feel personal and different than most things in the city. I wanted the wine bar to feel like the perfect library filled with books and wine.

    Which places or people do you look to for fresh perspectives in New York?

    — I look mostly outside the city, at antiques and nature to add something different to metropolitan life. I also spend a lot of time looking at the opulence of uptown and finding small ways to bring that downtown.

    How do you incorporate these new perspectives into your everyday life?

    — I let my everyday life change dramatically with every new perspective and every new inspiration. When I become interested in something it ends up taking over everything.

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