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    Linear System Modular Table Configuration 1 White/Laminate/Oak

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    For many, the workday has gone from static to dynamic — no longer being seated at the same desk but working in larger coworking spaces or desk sharing communities, simply because the work of today can be done from anywhere. However, for this to work to the utmost degree, the spaces must foster efficiency and creativity while fulfilling the functional needs of the workday.
    Muuto's collection of designs are defined by their ability to bring feelings of home to any space through warmly inviting materials and textiles, complimented by our range of lighting and accessories that tie the room together.
    This way, you can create spaces that lend a personal touch to the workday of many, making them feel intuitively at home in a seat that might as well be someone else’s tomorrow—all the while tailoring the designs to the space’s individual needs in terms of size, aesthetics and functionality.
    • Linear System Table Config. 1 in Black/Black, Fiber Side Chair w. Swivel Base in Sabi 631/Aluminium, Wrap Lounge Chair in Fiord 451/Grey, Ply Rug in Off-White, Platform Tray in Blue-Grey, Raise Glasses in Dark Blue, Raise Carafe in Clear
    • Linear System Config. 1 Oak - Linear System Screen Oak/Hero 981- Visu Chair in Tan Rose - Fluid Lamp Large
    • Linear System Config. 1 in Oak - Linear Screen Oak & Hero 981 - Fiber Side Chair in Divina Melange 647 w. Swivel Base in Alu
    • Sketch Toolbox in Burnt Orange - Fiber Side Chair w. Grey Swivel Base in Twill Weave 620 - Linear System Table in Oak - Tip Table Lamp in Grey - Piton Portable Lamp in Black - Workshop Chair in Black
    • Compile Shelves Configuration 3 in Grey - Kink Vase in Dusty Lilac - Piton Portable Lamp in Black - Arrange in Copper Brown - Raise Carafe in Clear
    • Linear System Table Configuration 2 w. Black Linoleum, Linear Mounted Lamp in Black, Linear Table Lamp in Black, Cover Side Chair in Oak/Cognac Refine Leather, Outline Studio Sofa in Vidar 472
    • Piton Portable Lamp in Aluminum - Restore Basket in Burnt Orange - Sketch Toolbox in Burnt Orange
    • Linear System Modular Table Oak
    • Linear System Screen in Oak/Hero 981 - Linear System Table in Oak - Arrange Desktop Series in Grey
    • Linear System Modular Table Configuration 1 White/Laminate/Oak

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    the Linear System
    Series Planner

    The Linear System Series Planner allows you to explore the extensive possibilities of the design. Create the configuration that suits the aesthetic and functional needs of your project, customizing across tables, lighting designs, accessories, and power solutions.
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    Linear System Series

    The Linear System Series, designed by Thomas Bentzen, brings a new perspective to the evolving needs of the modern workspace, hospitality settings and educational institutions through its configurable design across tables, lighting, screens and trays alongside its custom integrated power solution, allowing one to tailor the design to the exact needs of any space.

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    Outline Highback Work 100 in Divina 984 - Outline Highback 120 Cabin 2-Seater SH45 w. Table in Balder 432 - Echo Pouf in Steelcut 820 - Five Pouf in Fiord 451

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