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    Today’s meetings can take many forms; the informal or not-so, creative brainstorming sessions or even conferences with hundreds of attendants. Some meetings are short and casually done standing at a high table, while others are prolonged with a need for added comfort, at a conference or in a board room.
    Muuto offers a uniquely versatile collection of furniture, lighting and accessories with an extensive range of colors, materials and textures allowing one to add character, functionality and something unexpectedly evocative to the places we meet – be it bold and vibrant or refined and subtle.
    • Linear System Table in Oak Veneer/Oak - Under The Bell Pendant Lamp Ø82 cm in Dark Green - Fiber Side Chair Tube Base in Fiord 721 & Hallingdal 224 & Divina MD 913 - Enfold Sideboard in Oak/Grey - Ridge Vase H16,5 cm in White - Raise Carafe in Burnt Orange - Raise Glasses in Clear - Linear System Tray Ø24 & Ø36 cm in Oak
    • Fiber Conference Armchair - 70/70 Table in Grey - Ambit Rail Lamp in Dusty Green - Raise Carafe & Glasses in Dark Blue - Arrange
    • Outline Highback Work 100 in Divina 984 - Outline Highback 120 Cabin 2-Seater SH45 w. Table in Balder 432 - Echo Pouf in Steelcut 820 - Five Pouf in Fiord 451
    • Outline Highback Sofa 120 SH45 w. Table in Balder 432 - Raise Carafe in Clear
    • Base High Table w. Castors 190x85 cm H105 in Black - Nerd Bar Chair in Oak - Enfold Sideboard 148x45 cm H85 in Deep Red - Rime Pendant Ø37 cm in Deep Red - Restore Tray in Brown Green and Light Blue - Raise Carafe & Glasses in Clear - Piton Portable Lamp in Black - Compile Bookend in Deep Red
    • Midst Table Ø160 cm in Black - Fiber Armchair Swivel Base in Refine Leather Cognac/Black - Strand Pendant Lamp Ø60 cm in White - Silent Vase Ø20 cm in Dark Green - Enfold Sideboard 100x45 H85 cm in Deep Red - Ease Portable Lamp in Light Blue
    • Fiber Conference Armchair in Refine Leather Cognac w. Swivel Base - 70/70 Table in Grey - Ridge Vase - Wave Tray
    • Fiber Armchair Tube Base in White/White - 70/70 Table in Solid Oak/White 295x108 - Linear Pendant 169 cm in Grey - Flow Trolley 3-Layer Grey - Raise Carafe & Glasses in Clear
    • Fiber Side Chair A-Base w. Linking Brackets in Black/Chrome & Dusty Green/Chrome - Rime Pendant Ø37 in Black
    • Base High Table w. Castors in Black/Plywood 190x85x105 cm, Fiber Bar Stool 75 cm Tube Base in Black & Cognac Refine Leather, Enfold, Tip Wall Lamp
    • Fiber Conference Armchair w. Swivel Base - 70/70 Table 295 cm in Grey - Ambit Rail Pendant in Taupe - Platform Tray - Raise Glasses in Dark Blue

    Selected Products for Meeting

    Fiber Conference Armchair in Refine Leather Cognac w. Swivel Base - 70/70 Table in Grey - Ridge Vase - Wave Tray

    A sculptural yet distinctly ergonomic seat makes the Fiber Conference Armchair ideal anywhere we spend an extended time seated. Its interior shell is made of 99% recycled plastic, while its spacious seat and embracing curves are fully upholstered with a soft fixed cushion, providing maximum comfort in public spaces and the home alike. ​

    Our Product Configurator allows you to get playful and explore more than 100.000 combinations of colors alongside textile and leather upholsteries across our entire range of sofas as well as selected chairs and tables.

    Planning Ideas for Meeting

    Explore Selected Projects

    We have an impact on the environment through the natural resources we use. As part of our sustainable initiatives, we wish to increase our use of recycled materials in order to reduce waste and our consumption of natural resources. By doing this we bring new life to plastic waste, further reducing the amount sent to landfills or incinerators.
    With an extensive Ready-To-Ship selection that spans across furniture, lighting and accessories, Muuto offers complete interior solutions. Our Ready-To-Ship selection is available with immediate shipping, ready to be shipped your way.
    Our products can be produced with upholstery not included in our standard offering. However, this requires that the materials have been tested to ensure lasting products.

    At Muuto, we have already tested a wide range of textiles and leathers across most of our collection. Use this tool to explore which materials have been tested on which products.



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