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    Our spaces have become an arena for informal meetings where we socialize with colleagues, friends and family alike.
    Be it a hotel lobby, public space or a lounge at the office, a social space is a place for connection, a focal point around which we gather for informal conversation, creative exchange and unexpected meetings. It is the heart of the community for work and for leisure.
    Muuto's collection offers softly inviting lounge chairs, sofas, benches and other design objects that enhance the spaces where we come together. These often make the important first impression, communicating identity through color, composition and form, compellingly telling the story of a brand or company.
    • Wrap Lounge Chair in Hero 732/Grey & Fiord 451/Grey, Couple Coffee Table 40x84x40 Wavy in Sand/Oak, Ease Portable Lamp in Grey, Echo Pouf in Vidar 542, Strand Pendant in Ø60 cm, Ply Rug in Burnt Orange 200x300 cm, Ridge Vase in White
    • In-Situ Modular Sofa Config. 4 in Clay 12, Pebble Rug 200x300 cm in Pale Blue, Couple Coffee Table 120x84x35 cm 2 Plain 1 Wavy in Taupe/Dark Oiled Oak, Leaf Floor Lamp in Dark Green, Ease Portable Lamp in Black, Soft Side Table in Dark Stained Brown/Black, Wrap Lounge Chair in Sabi 151/Black, Kink Vase in Dusty Lilac
    • Outline 3-Seater Refine Cognac/Black, Soft Side Table Solid Oak/Off-White, Wave Tray, Pebble Rug Pale Rose, Leaf Floor Lamp, Ridge Vase, Layer Cushion.
    • Five Pouf Planum 271, Five Pouf Planum 711, Five Pouf Fiord 451, Five Pouf Steelcut Trio 205, Relate H60 Dark Green, Raise Ochre, Under The Bell Grey
    • Cover Lounge Chair in Midnight Blue -  Soft Side Table H:40 45x45 cm in Off-White/Solid Oak - Enfold Low in Grey - Echo Pouf 42x62 cm in Divina 224
    • Oslo Lounge Chair w. Swivel Base in Colline 737 - Oslo 2-Seater in Vidar 146 - Soft Side Table in Dusty Green & Off-White/Oak - Pebble Rug in Light Grey - Strand Pendant in Ø45 Closed

    selected products for socializing

    Designing the
    social workplace

    As many of us return to our physical workplace after years on hold, the way we use the office is rather radically transformed. This shift offers opportunity for reflection and new perspectives on work at large – to amplify the things we have missed the most; socializing, meeting in person, serendipitous interactions between tasks. So we ask ourselves, how do we reimagine the office to create more compelling places to meet, create and collaborate?

    We invited Jill Sundqvist, Head of Spatial Design at Muuto, to share her musings on designing the social workplace.
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    Explore the
    Oslo family

    The Oslo Family by Norwegian design duo Anderssen & Voll is a new perspective on sculptural design, characterized by its contemporary lines, embracing curves and an airy expression. The duo found the inspiration for the Oslo Family whilst travelling through Japan, referencing the sophisticated lines of traditional Japanese architecture.
    Oslo Lounge Colline 737 - Oslo Lounge w. Black Swivel Base in Twill Weave 990 - Oslo Sofa in Vidar 146 - Pebble Rug Light Grey

    Customize our designs to your project

    Our Product Configurator allows you to get playful and explore more than 100.000 combinations of colors alongside textile and leather upholsteries across our entire range of sofas as well as selected chairs and tables.

    Explore the Configurator

    planning ideas for socializing

    explore selected projects

    Our Sustainable Perspectives
    At Muuto, we aim to take responsibility for our operations and reflect on the choices we make and how our priorities affect the wellbeing of people and the environment. From the materials we select to the partners we work with, the independent institutes we test and certify our products through, and all the way down to our packaging.
    Our products can be produced with upholstery not included in our standard offering. However, this requires that the materials have been tested to ensure lasting products.

    At Muuto, we have already tested a wide range of textiles and leathers across most of our collection. Use this tool to explore which materials have been tested on which products.
    Outline Highback Work 100 in Divina 984 - Outline Highback 120 Cabin 2-Seater SH45 w. Table in Balder 432 - Echo Pouf in Steelcut 820 - Five Pouf in Fiord 451

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