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    We like to consider them our second home; the spaces that we stay in for brief periods of time yet need to feel intuitively at ease in. Be it a large hotel, small boutique space, furnished apartment or boarding house, the designs in our collection create cohesion through large product families while bringing a familiar sense to spaces we call home, every now and then.

    selected products for staying

    In refined colors & textures
    Dark, deeper tones bring a refined sense of elegance to a space, especially when paired with understated layers of colors.
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    Create inviting spaces for staying
    In earthy colors & textures
    Create a soft and inviting feel by introducing organic materiality, tone-in-tone contrasts and subtle hues.

    planning ideas for staying

    Muuto Project — Badehusene

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    Our sustainable
    At Muuto, we aim to take responsibility for our operations and reflect on the choices we make and how our priorities affect the wellbeing of people and the environment. From the materials we select to the partners we work with, the independent institutes we test and certify our products through, and all the way down to our packaging.
    Customize our designs
    to your project
    Our Product Configurator allows you to get playful and explore more than 100.000 combinations of colors alongside textile and leather upholsteries across our entire range of sofas as well as selected chairs and tables.
    Outline Highback Work 100 in Divina 984 - Outline Highback 120 Cabin 2-Seater SH45 w. Table in Balder 432 - Echo Pouf in Steelcut 820 - Five Pouf in Fiord 451

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    Part of the MillerKnoll Collective