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    Planning Ideas
    We have created an extensive selection of pre-designed planning ideas that serve the functional and aesthetic needs of a multitude of spaces. Simply load the CAD files directly into your spatial planning program, whether it be pCon.Planner (with OMFL data), Sketchup or Rhino to find the perfect solution for your project.

    Alongside this, explore the Muuto universe of colors and textures to create pleasant atmospheres within our color directions Vibrant, Earthy and Refined.
    Vibrant — Bringing fresh and playful perspectives into modern spaces through contrasting materials, brightly bold colors, characterful finishes and contemporary hues for a dynamically unique sentiment.
    Earthy — For softly inviting sentiments into any space. Features organic materiality, tone-in-tone contrasts, subtle colors and green shades, creating a warm and friendly look.
    Refined — Darker tones of refined elegance, paired with understated hints of color.
    Get a collected overview of all Office Planning Ideas
    Long Stay Apartments
    Get a collected overview of all Long Stay Apartment Ideas
    Outline Highback
    Explore the vast possibilities of the Outline Highback Series
    Explore the
    Linear System Series
    Explore our
    Office Chairs
    Tests, Labels &
    Find information on the tests we have performed and on obtained labels and certificates.
    Explore Our Contract Catalog