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    At Muuto, we strive to create new perspectives on Scandinavian design. Pushing this notion forward is our Photo Essays—perceiving our collection through the individual lens of photographers from across the world. The latest installment features the talents of Milan-based photographers Alecio Ferrari and Michele Foti, focusing on Muuto's range of lighting designs.

    Alecio Ferrari's personal work delves into the interplay between Nature and Culture. His recent years have been marked by a series of images that explore how natural landscapes influence and shape our 'artificial' environments. 

    Michele Foti's background is rooted in contemporary art, supplemented by a career as a freelance videographer in the vibrant realms of fashion and design. His work is characterized by its simplicity and naturalness, with a particular passion for natural light and vivid colors. 

    The inspiration for the photo essay stems from a shared admiration for the lighting designs in Muuto’s collection with an emphasis on elegance and warmth. The photographers aimed to mirror these qualities in their essay, crafting a warm atmosphere. 

    Layuhl Jang set up the design for this photo essay. Jang mainly works in Milan and Seoul as a creative director and set designer. Striving to view everyday life from a fresh perspective, Jang creates works that convey a natural and soft ambiance, marked by a simple yet playful touch.

    ALECIO FERRARI AND MICHELE FOTI We wanted the photo essay to create a comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere using a space that inspire us on a daily basis by bringing in Muuto’s lighting designs giving a casual and warm touch to the space.

    The photo essay was shot in their intimate venue, named Small Small Space. This space is more than just a gallery or a project area; located in the center of Milan, it’s a site dedicated to creativity, and is a flexible environment designed to foster experimentation and collaboration among visionary minds.  

    ALECIO FERRARI AND MICHELE FOTI The space and its walls have many memories and stories behind them, and we thought that the modern touch of Muuto’s lighting designs could perfectly match the space and make it even more special.

    In the heart of this photo series lies a luminous dance between light and its environment, an intentional choreography where lighting elements play the lead role. The creative duo strived to craft an ambiance where light gracefully curves and merges with the space around it.  

    Wooden surfaces, such as shelves and boiserie in the spaces, were found to fit perfectly with the colors and design of the lamps. This resulted in a mellow bounce of the light and a strong contrast with the surroundings.

    ALECIO FERRARI AND MICHELE FOTI As lighting elements were at the center of this photo series, we created an atmosphere where the light was gently bending with the surroundings.

    Discover more of Alecio Ferrari’s and Michele Foti’s work 

    Explore the universe of Small Small Space. 

    Set design by Layuhl Jang. 

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