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    Sculptural Functionality

    Ridge Vase

    Being the first-ever design by Studio Kaksikko for Muuto, the Ridge Vase presents a new way to display flowers through its sculptural expression along with an artful character when not in use. Here, we visit the Helsinki-based Studio Kaksikko to explore their ideas and expressions of the design along with the process of creating the Ridge Vase.

    “We were travelling quite a bit and did sketches of architectural details in the cities that we were visiting. The form of the design is roughly based on the façade of a utility structure we saw in Paris—we were inspired by the structure of its doorway that was set deeper from the wall, as if it had been cut and pushed inside, creating both a shadow and a protected alcove,” says the duo when asked about their inspiration for the Ridge Vase and add: “We wanted the design to be simple with detailing that would give it an architectural expression, like a scale model of a monumental structure.”

    Studio Kaksikko is a Helsinki-based design studio founded by Salla Luhtasela and Wesley Walters. The duo met while studying at Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture and have collaborated on a broad range of professional projects under the studio name Kaksikko.

    Speaking on the thoughts behind the expression of the Ridge Vase, they explain: “We consider ourselves form givers before designers and our process of working with our hands from an early stage has a large influence on the designs that we create,” and continue: “With the Ridge Vase, we sought to combine its visual appeal with the usability for placing flowers in a linear formation rather than a circular formation.”

    With references to its name, the Ridge Vase manipulates the oval form through its refined dent, allowing for flowers to stand upright while adding the function of a small handle to use when moving the vase from one room to another.

    We strive to create elegant, quiet, and functional designs—we like the way utilitarian forms or textures become interesting details when abstracted from their original purpose

    The Ridge Vase is handmade in Portugal and is available in two sizes and in two colors: Off-White, made in earthenware, and Terracotta, made in terracotta.

    • Linear Pendant in Black, Loft Bar Stool 75 cm in Stained Dark Brown w. Black Base, Ridge Vase 35 cm in Terracotta, Tub Jug in Sand
    • Ridge Vase H35 cm Beige, Ridge Vase H16,5 cm Off-White.
    • Ridge Vase Off-White 16 cm, Beige 35 cm, 48 cm
    • Ridge Vase 16,5 cm in Beige
    • Ridge Vase in Off-White, Kink Vase in Sand

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