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    Photo Essay

    Photo Essay

    Kink Vase
    at Tableau
    by Benjamin

    At Muuto, we strive to create new perspectives on Scandinavian design. Pushing this notion forward is our Photo Essays—perceiving our collection through the individual lens of photographers from across the world. For the seventh edition, Copenhagen-based photographer Benjamin Lund depicts the Kink Vase, curated and styled by Julius Værnes Iversen, Founder and Creative Director of Tableau.

    Tableau is a multidisciplinary floral design studio located in a gallery-style space in the heart of Copenhagen. The studio was founded in 2018 and welcomes you in a clash between raw materials and the softness of flowers, joined by unique lines of design and contemporary art.

    Speaking on the studio’s approach to floral design, Værnes Iversen notes: “At Tableau we gravitate towards the blurring of boundaries between art, design, and working with flora. We create floral installations with flowers that bring out different expressions, attempting to create something that is more of an art piece.

    Værnes Iversen We found that the interface between design and art is interesting while feeling that floral design deserves its place between the classification of high-level creative professionals and the distinction between design and art. We enjoy working with the contrast of raw materials and flowers—to stage the flora as art and use it as a natural part of a set design.

    On the thoughts behind the Photo Essay, Værnes Iversen explains: “I wanted to work with the colors of the Kink Vase. We used auto-painted asparagus, which is functional to use as a contemporary object in a project such as this one. Furthermore, we used colored phalaenopsis orchids in blue and beige hues”, and ends: “I wanted to use contrasting colors for the vases—by mainly using beige-colored flowers in the Light Blue Kink Vase and vice versa as we wanted to create a somewhat parallel universe in the set design.”

    Please click here to discover more of Benjamin Lund's work and to explore the universe of Tableau please visit their Instagram account here as well as their website here.

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