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    Theme Story

    For The Modern

    Today’s modern workplace is ever-evolving, adapting to the changing needs of the individual employee and part of this is having furniture that accommodates these. Here, we explore our new perspectives on Scandinavian design that provides mobility in the workplace, allowing for the products to be reconfigured into new settings over time

    The Outline Highback Sofa combines the soft, deep seat and clean refined lines of the Outline Series with a highback element, allowing for the design to create private spheres within bigger spaces and provide shelter for conversation and collaboration. The design has a timeless yet modern expression that makes it an ideal fit in any workplace. The Outline Highback Sofa is available in three sizes: 1-Seater, 2-Seater and 3-Seater, all in two different seat heights: 40 cm / 15.7” and 45 cm / 17.7”.

    The design can be adjusted for a more closed environment by connecting two Outline Highback Sofas with the Outline Highback Panel for an even more sheltered environment. If the needs of the workplace changes, simply disassemble the Outline Highback Panel from the sofas and use them as individual pieces once more.

    Being both versatile and functional, the Stacked Storage System can be arranged and rearranged for the exact configuration that you’d like, whether it be as shelving setups, sideboards, bookcases or side tables. The design can easily be refreshed by playing around with the space between the modules or mounting the modules with backboard directly onto the wall as well as evolving with the workplace by adding more modules as the workplace changes.

    The Outline Highback Work pairs the highback design with functional elements, allowing for the design to create an acoustic and spatial shelter to work and focus on the given task at hand. The design has an integrated storage room alongside a cable outlet that can be added for easy power access. The design can be moved around and positioned in clusters or as a standalone element within the space.

    The Connect Modular Sofa brings a modern perspective to the typology, allowing for the sofa to be configured to the exact spatial and aesthetic needs of the modern workplace through its 11 different modules. Being a modular design, any configuration can be reconfigured into new settings along with adding new modules along the way.

    With its two planes that are connected through a graphic leg for a modern expression, the Relate Side Table is a flexible design that can be pulled up to a sofa for a temporary work desk and set aside to display objects when not in use.

    The In Situ Modular Sofa is a grand, modular design with sculptural lines that can be tailored to your individual space and taste yet with its modular elements hidden through subtle detailing of its front profile, paired with deep comfort and a soft seat. Choose from any of the 30 predesigned configurations or create the exact configuration for the needs of your workplace, using the 9 different seating modules and 2 loose cushions.

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