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    • (1) Outline-highback-work-vidar-554-143-fiord-961-ply-rug-leaf-lamp-2-Muuto-org
    • (2) outline-highback-H100-work-divina-984-cabin-2-seater-H120-SH45-w-table-balder-432-echo-steelcut-820-five-fiord-451-muuto-org
    • (3) Outline-highback-work-vidar-554-143-fiord-961-ply-rug-leaf-lamp-Muuto-org
    • (4) Outline-highback-work-one-seater-fiord-961-detail-Muuto-5000x5000-hi-res-CB
    The Outline Highback Work combines the soft, deep seat and clean refined lines of the Outline series with a highback element and functional elements, allowing for the design to create an acoustic and spatial shelter to work and focus on the given task at hand. The design has an integrated storage room alongside a cable outlet that can be added for easy power access. The Outline Highback Work has a timeless yet modern expression that makes it an ideal fit in any open-plan space, hospitality setting, workplace or public area.


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