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    Our dining spaces have become an arena for informal meetings where we socialize with colleagues, friends and family alike.
    Be it a bar, café, canteen or restaurant, atmosphere and comfort are key when setting the scene for a morning meeting or an evening long dinner. From the embrace of an upholstered chair to functional and informal benches, Muuto's versatile collection of furniture let you craft an outstanding dining experience with comfortable and durable quality seating.
    Pair these with our extensive selection of lighting and accessories, combining function with strong aesthetic qualities that truly elevate any room.
    • Fiber Side Chair in Grey - Base Table 250x90 in Oak Veneer - Strand Pendant Lamp - Ridge Vase in H16,5 - Raise Dark Blue - Halves Side Table - Flow Trolley
    • Cover Side Chair in Stained Dark Brown & Black Refine Leather, Linear Steel Café Table 70x70 in Dark Green, Rime Wall Lamp in Orange
    • Fiber Conference in Hallingdal 113 & Stained Dark Brown - Still Café Table 75x65 in Black - Ease Portable Lamp in Taupe - Strand Closed Ø60 - Raise Glasses in Dark Blue - Kink Vase in Light Blue
    • Fiber Bar Stool w. Backrest H75 cm Tube Base in Grey/Rewool 568, Top Pendant Ø36 cm in Deep Red, Tub Jug in Pale Blue, Ridge Vase H16,5 cm in Beige, Wave Tray, Flow Trolley, Corky Carafe & Glasses in Clear
    • Flow Trolley in Blue-Grey, Tub Jug in Pale Blue, Corky Carafe in Clear, Raise Glasses in Clear, Platform Tray in Blue-Grey
    • Cover Bar Stool H75 cm in Oak - Fiber Armchair Tube Base in Sabi 921/Dusty Green - Silent Vase Ø15 cm in Dark Green - Rime Pendant Lamp Ø18 cm in Deep Red
    • Nerd Bar Stool 75 cm in Stained Dark Brown, Kink Vase in Light Blue
    • Loft Chair w. Armrest Deep Red/Oak Steelcut 140, Loft Bar Stool 75 cm Deep Red/Oak Steelcut 140, Base Table 190x85 cm Oak Veneer/Black, Raise Glasses, Ambit Light Blue
    • Loft Bar Stool 75 cm in Deep Red/Oak - Raise Carafe in Burnt Orange - Raise Glass 30 cl in Clear - Linear Pendant Lamp 169 cm in Grey

    selected products for dining

    Fiber Side Chair in Grey - Base Table 250x90 in Oak Veneer - Strand Pendant Lamp - Ridge Vase H16,5 - Raise in Dark Blue - Halves Side Table - Flow Trolley
    The Fiber Chair Family -
    a versatile & tactile design

    The Fiber Chair Family brings a new perspective on the iconic shell chair through its shell in an innovative composite of plastic and wood fibers for a uniquely deep surface and soft, matte touch. Though invisible to the eye from afar, the details of the wood fibers are revealed when viewing the design up-close.
    Cover Chair Family -
    exploring the possibilities of wood veneer

    Referencing the values of honest craftsmanship and Scandinavian materiality, the Cover Chair Family is an elegant perspective on the timeless wood chair. With its curved backrest and folded covers, the Cover Chair Family explores the possibilites of wood veneer, paired with a deep comfort, modern expression and base in solid wood. Echoing the seamless appearance of the chair, it features no visible screws for a simple touch.
    Cover Armchair in Stained Dark Brown, 70/70 Table in Stained Dark Brown/Sand, Strand Pendant Closed Ø60 cm, Flow Trolley 2-Layer in Grey

    planning ideas for dining

    10-year warranty for bifma-approved products

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    Our sustainable
    At Muuto, we aim to take responsibility for our operations and reflect on the choices we make and how our priorities affect the wellbeing of people and the environment. From the materials we select to the partners we work with, the independent institutes we test and certify our products through, and all the way down to our packaging.
    Customize our designs
    to your project
    Our Product Configurator allows you to get playful and explore more than 100.000 combinations of colors alongside textile and leather upholsteries across our entire range of sofas as well as selected chairs and tables.
    Outline Highback Work 100 in Divina 984 - Outline Highback 120 Cabin 2-Seater SH45 w. Table in Balder 432 - Echo Pouf in Steelcut 820 - Five Pouf in Fiord 451

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