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    As we aim to take responsibility for our operations, we expect and demand the same from our suppliers.

    United Nations Global Compact

    As of March 2022 we joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative. By that we commit ourself to align our strategies and opreations with the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact—in the areas of human and labor rights, environment and anti-corruption. Click here to visit our participant profile and read more about the United Nations Global Compact. 


    Respect for human rights

    In striving to ensure that our designs are produced using safe techniques, by skilled workers who operate under healthy conditions, we have all our manufacturers sign our Code of Conduct. Our code of conduct is aligned with the United Nations Global Compact's Ten Principles. Key issues include anti-corruption policies and prohibiting child labor. Because for us, it’s essential that our suppliers share the same mindset when it comes to socially responsible practices.


    Safety even beyond our borders

    Safety is a crucial component in every product we design and in every link of the production chain. In addition to complying with our own high Danish standards for safety, we adhere to regulations in the markets where we operate. Today, more than 80% of our wooden furniture is made using water-based lacquers. Water-based lacquer emits fewer chemicals, which makes for better and safer working conditions at our suppliers.

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