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    Meet The Designers

    Earnest Studio

    Earnest Studio was founded by American-born, Rotterdam-based designer Rachel Griffin. With a background in graphic design, she spent five years producing exhibitions and books before moving to the Netherlands to study at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007. She launched her own studio in 2012, with a focus on furniture, lighting and accessories.
    On The Design Philosophy Earnest Studio My work explores themes of modularity and multiplicity, driven by a fascination for simple, flexible structures with a forthright attitude toward material. I am interested in three-dimensional works which are simultaneously graphic in nature, informed both by my background in graphic design, and by a desire to create objects that contribute to composing simple, bold environments.

    On Scandinavian design:

    "New Scandinavian design demonstrates an understanding of how material, process and form combine in products that are designed to be lived with; from both functional and aesthetic perspectives. New Scandinavian design represents an openness to new technologies, techniques and archetypes, which nevertheless embody simplicity, accessibility and a sense of timelessness."

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