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    Wave Tray - Stainless Steel

    OF THE

    Talking to designers CARA \ DAVIDE about their initial ideas and the creation of the Wave Tray, designed for Muuto.
    CARA \ DAVIDE is a Milan-based multidisciplinary design studio, created in 2016 by Cara Judd and Davide Gramatica. With a cross-cultural background in Italy and South Africa, the duo’s works are characterized by ongoing research in materials, techniques and processes related to different territories.

    The Wave Tray brings a refined sentiment to the otherwise raw materiality of metal. Through its organic form that has been shaped in stainless steel, the expression takes its inspiration from the undulations of a wave.

    CARA \ DAVIDE ON THE DESIGN We sought for the Wave Tray to bring a refined sentiment to the otherwise raw materiality of metal; something that we saw typically used in more industrial contexts.
    • Workshop Table 140 cm Oak, Wave Tray, Kink Sand, Workshop Chair Oak, Workshop Chair Oregon Pine, Workshop Chair Black, Rime Grey Ø25, Ply Rug Burnt Orange.
    • Soft Side Table Ø41 H48 cm Solid Oak/Off-White, Wave Tray, Raise Glass Ochre, Pebble Rug Pale Rose.

    The Wave Tray has a simple yet graphic expression that, paired with its grand size, makes a true statement in any setting. Being as a sculpture in its own right, the Wave Tray brings a modern touch to any space whether it be on the kitchen counter, for holding keys and artifacts as well as when placed on dining and coffee tables with its size allowing for it to be used a centerpiece object.

    In essence, the Wave Tray has a contemporary elegance that allows for its characterful shape to complement daily life, even when not in use.

    CARA \ DAVIDE With its unique shape and understated materiality, the Wave Tray brings elegant rhythm, subtle vibrations and a graphic character into everyday life.
    Wave Tray, Workshop Coffee Table Oak, Connect Soft Rewool 128, Pebble Rug Burnt Orange.

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