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    agile workspaces II
    Linear System Table Config. 1 in Black/Black, Fiber Side Chair w. Swivel Base in Sabi 631/Aluminium, Wrap Lounge Chair in Fiord 451/Grey, Ply Rug in Off-White, Platform Tray in Blue-Grey, Raise Glasses in Dark Blue, Raise Carafe in Clear

    The Linear System is ideal for hotdesking and co-working spaces as it allows for both collaborative and individual work. The all-black design gives it a sleeker look which pairs perfectly with the dark green Fiber Side Chairs and the industrial expression of the Set Lamp.

    Set Lamp

    Set lamp has an industrial character, a refined sense of detailing and a subtle, calm reflected light. 
    By turning the aluminum shade, the user can change the angle and light intensity of the lamp. 
    Set lamp is statement lamp that exudes character and seamlessly blends into a variety of spaces.







    outline highback

    The Outline Highback collection is ideal for space delineation or for creating semi-closed spheres within an open space, allowing for both focused and collaborative work. The design has a timeless yet modern expression that makes it suitable for both hospitality, workplace and education.

    Relate H73 Dark green, Outline Highback 2-Seater SH45 Chrome/Vidar 363, Ply Rug Black/White
    Outline Highback Sofa 120 SH45 w. Table in Balder 432 - Raise Carafe in Clear

    Outline Highback Cabin

    The Outline Highback Cabin is an extension of the Outline Highback Family, designed to create an elevated sense of focus and immersion within a larger space. Its highback is extended to make an enveloping cabin, a fully integrated solution ideal for collaboration in solitude and in groups.







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