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    touchdown spaces

    With our workday consisting of a multitude of activities, an informal touchdown space can support impromptu meetings, foster collaboration and creative exchange.

    The use of color can bring about a sense of vibrance to our surroundings as seen here with the all-white setting featuring Base High Table w/castors, Fiber stools and Ambit pendants that are offset by the Stacked configuration in an elegant Brown-green. The new modules and color will be launching this Fall.

    We know that colors have a biological and psychological effect on us. Studies have shown that some colors are universally favored in how they affect our mood. As examples, blue tends to make us feel calmer, while warmer tones make us feel more stimulated – hence colors have the power to change how we feel in a space.
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    Preview: Stacked Storage System - New Modules & Color

    Being both versatile and functional, Stacked can be arranged and rearranged to the exact aesthetic and spatial needs of the user. Introducing a new Brown-green color, new bases, a large module w/door, shelves and dividers, making the system even more versatile.
    Shown configuration is $3,355 list and available to order from September 13.






    Arced Mirror

    Blending a traditional wooden mirror style with a modern touch, the Arced Mirror comes in two versatile sizes and features a subtle frame recess, giving it a charming window-like allure. The mirror is treated with a wood stain color and finished with a clear matte lacquer that brings forth the natural character and grain of the spruce wood. Available in three colors—Light Grey, Light Green, and Light Lilac, each offering a distinct and unique expression.







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