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    Explore a modern hospitality area with a variety of different textures and materials intended to activate all our senses. The dining space is designed with an inviting atmosphere and our range of durable designs, such as the Midst Table and the Fiber Soft Armchair, are ideal for high-traffic use while providing the utmost comfort. 

    Midst Table Ø160 cm in Dark Oiled Oak/Black - Fiber Armchair Tube Base Sabi 921/Dusty Green - Rime Pendant Lamp Ø18 cm in Deep Red - Ease Portable Lamp in Light Blue - Silent Vase Ø11 cm in Dark Green - Raise Carafe in Burnt Orange - Raise Glasses in Clear
    We perceive the world around us through all our senses. It is not solely about how something looks but also how it feels. Tactile materials and surfaces that speak to this sense can draw us in and create a pleasant sensation.
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    Fiber Soft Armchair

    Its sculptural, distinctly ergonomic seat makes the Fiber Soft Armchair ideal anywhere we spend an extended time seated. 
    The interior shell is made using 100% recycled plastic and clad with soft wadding and upholstery.
    The spacious, ultra soft seat and smooth curves of Fiber Soft provide maximum comfort in hospitality spaces and conference rooms alike.​


    Midst Table

    Midst Table is a meeting between the poetic and functional. The name refers to the center and the table being a gravitational point, while its round shape cancels out hierarchy — there is no head of the table. A generously sized round table that invites for connection and inclusion, ideal for both hospitality and meeting spaces.


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