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    agile workspaces

    Create flexible work settings with the Linear System. The system is designed to be easily and endlessly re-configured into a variety of settings. Shown here in a playful configuration encouraging collaboration and creative exchange.

    Linear System Config. 1 in Oak - Linear Screen Oak & Hero 981 - Fiber Side Chair in Divina Melange 647 w. Swivel Base in Alu

    The Dedicate Lamp comes in a variety of options, is dimmable and features an 8-hour auto turnoff mechanism, making it ideal for workstations and study halls.

    Dedicate Lamp

    The Dedicate Wall Lamp is a contemporary take on the classic architect lamp where design meets functionality seamlessly. Meticulously engineered, the lamp offers integrated cooling ribs, high quality lighting, dimming, and an auto-turn-off feature. Available in two colors, three sizes and the option of four different bases: a clamp, pin, table and wall version.







    Linear System

    The Linear System Table is a simple yet refined table with subtle details and references to the Scandinavian design heritage. Its legs are cut into half-circles and joined with the table for a light expression while the slender overhang at both ends of the table makes for a refined expression.







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